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Chiang Mai Business Park
Chiang Mai Business Park is brand-new project, established in 2011 and located beside the Chiang Mai super highway and Chiang Mai outer ring road. From geography and business benefits,

Chiang Mai Business Park becomes the largest business sector in northern area of Thailand, containing the modern trade malls, banks, business offices, clinics, restaurants, educational institutions, and condominium resident.

For Property Information, please contact
Wanchula Saralamba
Sales & Marketing Manager
tel. +66 5 3851 895, +66 8 5622 9274
fax: +66 5 3851 894

ดู Chiangmai Business Park ในแผนที่ขนาดใหญ่กว่า
V Group is the leader real estate and land developer company in northern area of Thailand, found by Mr. WacharaTantranont in 1987 and well-known among local and regional investors. V Group has 14 sub- businesses in 4 business categories which led under the sole and motivated concept
" Private business in Thailand should be involved in the sustainable development of Thai society "
Chiang Mai Business Park Chiang Mai - Lumpang Superhighway Muang Chiang Mai,
Chiang Mai 50000 Thailand

Phone: +66 53 851 894 Mobile: +66 85 622 9274